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Getting Connected to Usenet

With the advent of the World Wide Web, Usenet's halcyon days are behind it. However, for the intrepid, it's still a fun forum to discuss a wide variety of topics. One of the discussion groups is alt.atheism. On it, topics of interest to atheists are discussed. You can see some of the guidelines for getting connected to alt.atheism at our FAQ page.

What Usenet servers are available?

There are still some good Usenet servers available, free and commercial.

Some of the free ones include:

Commercial offerings include:

Most of the free ones do not offer feeds of the .binaries newsgroups, so if you desire access to these newsgroups, you may want to consider one of the commercial providers.

Client Software

Once you have a newsgroup account set up, you'll need a newsreader. Some of the options include:

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