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The Library of Alt.Atheism

Library Articles, essays, and posts from alt.atheism – past, and present.



The alt.atheism archives are meant as a source of quality information for all visitors to alt.atheism. The posts taken from the newsgroup to be kept here are those which we consider to be better than most.

In general, for post to be considered for the archives, it should be well articulated and one that either disseminates accurate information (that could be used as a source of reference) or which expresses an original point of view, which thus helps contribute to the overall quality of discussions in the group.

Whenever you read a post in the group which you feel deserves to be entered into the archives, please drop us a note via email to our webmaster and it will be duly considered for archiving. The copyrights for any article accepted into the archives of course always remain with the original author.

A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.

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